Stopping ice falling from the truck roof:
Krone FLEET installs an ice removal bridge..

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Snow and ice accumulated on HGV roofs poses a high risk to road transport. Ice sheets can slide from the roof with devastating consequences for vehicles behind.

To prevent this danger, more and more ice removal facilities are being installed. There are already around 50 public "Ice free stations" in Germany. With the new bridge at Krone FLEET in Maschen, one more has been added.

Jan Timm, manager of the Customer Service Center at Krone FLEET, has been responsible for driving forward the installation of this new facility at the local depot in Maschen. There are a number of other logical reasons for this from his point of view: "According to the Road Traffic Code, the driver bears personal responsibility for the safe condition of their vehicle. Without an ice removal station, this requirement is difficult as removing ice with a brush is absolutely impossible with a fully laden vehicle and on a box body with a solid roof. This means that the only way to do it is using a long ladder, if one happens to be available. On icy ground, this swiftly turns into a dangerous activity and takes an enormous amount of time.

As a rental company with a high standard on service and safety, Krone FLEET has not waited long to implement the solution. Therefore, the warm weather was used to install a solid facility. With a length of over 15 meters, all trailers and tractor combinations can be freed of ice by the driver without any problems. "We also have special ice scrapers ready for this purpose," explained Timm.

A list of all the ice removal stations in Germany can be found at

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