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Heavy Duty trailer!

Rugged & Strong
The many reinforcements that are used in the HDX-model are mainly located on the inside of the trailer. For example, the chassis and the body. Our dealers are happy to help you if you need more information.

A genuine off-road trailer!
The HDX is the proven model for poorer roads and off-road use. In general, the roads in Eastern European countries such as Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine are rougher than in Western Europe. The roads in Ireland also fall into this category. Thanks to the Heavy Duty version, Knapen Trailers is also the market leader in moving floor trailers in these Eastern European countries. 

Many reinforcements
The many reinforcements incorporated in the HDX model are mainly on the inside of the trailer. For instance, the chassis is reinforced. Not only the steel chassis, but also the aluminium chassis is a popular option in this Heavy Duty version. If you opt for the Heavy Duty aluminium chassis, you are assured of the lightest Heavy Duty moving-floor trailer on the market.

The many advantages of the HDX

  • The proven moving floor trailer for use on rough roads and off-road since 2003
  • Reinforced chassis (choice of steel or aluminium)
  • Reinforced chassis and body
  • The lightest Heavy Duty moving floor trailer in the market
  • Mandatory version in countries with rough roads such as Russia, Latvia and Ireland